Submission Guidelines

Mad Hatter Distro is currently accepting zines for distro consideration!

I am interested in carrying thoughtful, well-written perzines, especially those with a theme, zines on mental health written from a personal perspective, zines about pets, writing on natural childbirth, parenting, and homeschooling, mini zines (1/8 size or smaller), fanzines about your favorite movie, TV show, or book, and literary zines containing imaginative, well-edited fiction.

I am not interested in any zines containing racist, classist, homophobic, sizeist, ableist, sexist, classist or other offensive material, music, food, political, or poetry zines, or any non-zine items.

Please send a copy of your actual zine, rather than just a description. Submissions will not be returned unless you request them and include an SASE with your zine for me to mail it back to you. Any unreturned submissions  I decide not to carry in the distro will be added to a grab bag. Feel free to submit multiple zines or issues of a zine simultaneously.

When submitting a zine for consideration, please be sure to include:

Zine Title
Mailing Address
Email Address
Retail Price
Types of Payment You Accept (cash, Paypal, money order)

Please send all zines to:

Mad Hatter Distro
c/o Mab Mathews
P.O. Box 182
State College, PA 16804

If you submit a zine, you should hear back from me within one to two weeks. If it is past that time period, feel free to email me at
madhatterdistro@gmail.com to make sure I received your zine.

If I decide that your zine is a good match for Mad Hatter Distro, I will request 5-10 copies of your zine for the first run at the distro. Mad Hatter pays upfront for zines. I divide profits 40/60, so if your zine has a retail price of $1.00, you will get 60 cents for every copy sold. The 40% I keep will be placed back into the distro to cover the costs of running Mad Hatter. I can pay by cash, Paypal, or money order. 

Mad Hatter cannot accept all zines submitted. This is due to limits within my physical space for zine storage and the very specific types of zines I am looking for. Please do not let this discourage your from submitting your zine to other distros or sending me future zines!